The Rosner Group

The Rosner Group

  • Customized training programs that bring results
  • Coaching individuals and teams for success
  • Management planning, strategy, and direction

We bring value to our clients by developing partnerships with them at every level of the organization.

We work with executives, their senior management teams, and their boards to develop strategy and direction for the organization.

Then we work with managers to develop ways to implement that strategy. Sometimes this involves training, sometimes coaching, and sometimes both.

And finally, we work with the people on the front lines - those who deal with customers every day and portray the organization to the community.

In this way, there is a connectedness, a linking of goals of the organization and how an employee interacts with customers and co-workers. Our clients ask us back again and again because of the bottom-line effectiveness of this approach and the strong relationships we develop with them and with their people.

By being flexible, we not only customize our programs, but we adjust our presentations easily to the cultures of various organizations as well as the personal preferences or styles of the people we work with. Our training programs are very interactive and fast-moving - which means involvement is high, motivation is sparked, and learning takes place.

We create partnerships with our clients by becoming familiar with the workforce in their region as well as the customer base they serve. We bring this knowledge to the boardroom and the classroom -- from strategic planning to customer service.