The Rosner Group

12 Ways The Rosner Group Can Benefit Your Company

  1. You will benefit from our wide range of experience. Our clients come from both the service and manufacturing areas and we've worked with both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

  2. We're motivated and enthusiastic - two things that are "caught" by those we train.

  3. We come with a strong academic background. While practical skills are stressed in the training sessions, we know the theory behind the advice. We're also proficient in conducting research, focus groups, and needs assessments to identify your specific organizational training needs.

  4. We facilitate meetings and training programs to maximize your participation and results.

  5. We provide a process and structure that stay with you long after we're gone - we believe in sustaining training and have innovative approaches to doing this.

  6. We interview members of the team or class to ensure that you get the best outcomes. In this way, our training is customized.

  7. We create the right environment for learning. You'll find that the atmosphere in our training sessions is relaxed and comfortable, allowing participants to learn more easily and speak more freely.

  8. We are trusted and trustworthy. Our clients are comfortable with us - from the CEO to the person on the front lines. You'll find that we deliver what we say we will. We're sensitive to confidentiality issues.

  9. We work through humor. Learning occurs more easily when you can laugh and have some fun. Some of the most important teachings come in the form of humorous anecdotes.

  10. We're skilled at listening, so your employees will feel comfortable talking about issues and problems. This makes it possible to focus more clearly on solutions.

  11. We're a resource. We're connected to a wide network of talented consultants and organizations should you need expertise in an area outside our strengths.

  12. We're experienced diagnosticians - for those times when the problem goes deeper. Having a strong social-psychological background, we can effectively discuss and deal with issues of "personalities" and group dynamics.