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Management Development Series

Program Description

Recent studies show that team leaders and managers spend more than 85% of their day on people-related issues and less than 15% of their day in the technical aspects of their jobs. This means that they need continuous support in how to motivate others, communicate goals and expectations, and coach the people they direct. Organizational demands, administrative paperwork, federal laws, and the ever-present need to communicate effectively, make the position of leading a team and managing others in today's world a tough one.

On Days One and Two of this training program, participants will learn how to achieve optimum performance from their people. They will practice skills in a highly interactive environment using customized exercises that reflect their coaching situations and the performance issues of their people.

At the end of Day Two, participants will be given an assignment. They will be asked to apply the leadership, motivation, and coaching skills they learned in the classroom back in the workplace. Six weeks later, they will attend Day Three of the series where they will discuss their progress and receive feedback. On Day Three they will also learn how to create a progressive discipline plan for non-performers.

Workshop Outline

Day One
  • Challenges Facing Managers
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Leadership Styles
  • Communication Process
  • Listening Skills
  • Retaining and Motivating Employees
  • Setting Expectations
  • Motivating Your People
  • Recognizing Positive Performance
  • Delegation
Day Two
  • Understanding Your People
  • Behavior Styles
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • Establishing The Performance Gap
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Getting the Employee's Side
  • Developing Solutions to Improve Performance
  • Creating A Performance Plan
  • Setting Personal Goals
Day Three (occurs 6 weeks later)
  • Follow-up and review of application exercises
  • Progressive Discipline Process

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